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SISO Singapore Change in President

As of 18th November 2022, members of SISO received an email update

The email was to provide an update on the current executive committee of SISO. Namely the President of SISO Niri Masurekar had relinquished his appointment as President of SISO with immediate effect. The Activng President would be Darajit Daud. He had been appointed as Acting President until the EOGM is called for to elect a new president.

In the email, its attached document read

"Mr. Niri Masurekar had relinquished his appointment as President of SISO with immediate

effect. Mr. Darajit Daud had been appointed as Acting President until the EOGM is called for

to elect a new president. Mr. Niri Masurekar had been a long time and valued SISO member

with huge contributions to SISO. SISO looks forward for Mr. Niri continuous support and

contributions in the future.

SISO Executive Committee for 1st April 2022 to 31st March 2024 is as follows:

Mr Darajit Daud – Acting President

Mr. Eric Law – Vice President

Ms. Michelle Lam – Honorary Secretary

Mr. Sunny Tan – Honorary Treasurer

Executive Committee Members are Mr. James Tay, Mr. Kenneth Seah, Mr. Lim Sui Soon,

Mr. Roger Lim and Mr. Seah Liang Bing"

Simply Safety wishes the best to Niri Masurekar. Introduction to SISO

The Singapore Institution of Safety Officers is a professional organisation providing representation, promotion, and support for members engaged in the practices of Workplace Safety and Health towards the protection of people, property, and the environment.

The vision of SISO was- To be the leading institution for the advancement of the WSH profession.

The mission of SISO was -SISO shall establish professional development opportunities to continually enhance the skills, knowledge, attributes and competence of our members.

SISO shall promote and uphold high standards of professional practice among our members.

SISO shall advance the Vision Zero philosophy as a strategy for preventing workplace accidents.

On SISO's website, SISO claims that the objectives of the Institution were to:

Develop and promote high standards of professional ethics and practice among members.

Provide and/or facilitate continual professional development opportunities to enhance the competence of members

Cultivate affiliation and cooperation with other national and international Occupation Safety and Health organisations to encourage and participate in the development of the profession and to position the Institution on par with similar international organisations.

At the same time SISO Singapore Institute of Safety Officers was appointed by the Singapore Workforce Development Agency as a Continuing Education and Training Centre since 1st April 2014. SISO is one of only five CET Centres that offer WSQ Workplace Safety and Health training courses for those who aspire to enter the workplace safety and health profession and WSH Professionals who want to upgrade their WSH skills and knowledge.

In November 2016, SISO launched the SISO Professional Standard for Workplace Safety and Health Professionals. The Standard is supported by the Ministry of Manpower, Workplace Safety and Health Council, and the National Trades Union Congress.

In the first quarter of 2017, SISO formed a Career Progression Pathway (CPP) Steering Committee. The Committee’s role is to enhance the professional career development of WSH professionals by promoting the adoption of the Career Progression Pathway. Members of the Committee include senior management from the NTUC and the WSH Council. The Career Progression Pathway (or CPP) is a 5-tier competency pathway that provides a career roadmap and identifies new and additional professional skills for continuous improvement and professional development. The CPP allows individuals to embark on and plan their learning journey through the different stages of the Pathway from a point at which they are comfortable with. With the CPP, a WSH Professional would thus be able to chart a systematic lifelong learning journey, which equips him or her to stay employable, productive and be future-ready.

On the international front, SISO is a member of the International Network of Safety & Health Practitioner Organisations (INSHPO) and has a representative in INSHPO’s Executive Committee. INSHPO has fourteen member organisations representing the interests of 150,000 WSH professionals worldwide.

Besides INSHPO, SISO is also a member of the Asia Pacific Occupational Safety and Health Organisation (APOSHO). As at April 2015, APOSHO has a membership base of 29 Organisations from 16 countries and districts.

SISO also runs the SISO Academy

SISO Academy Pte Ltd, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of SISO Singapore Institute of Safety Officers, SISO Academy was set up to meet and align Workplace Safety and Health learning and development activities for the benefit of the local and regional workforce. Incorporated on 6 May 2016, SISO Academy consolidates more than 40 years of WSH expertise to provide a wide range of WSH Continuing Professional Development programmes that are taught by dedicated and very experienced subject matter experts.

SISO Academy's vision statement claims that SISO Academy’s vision is to be the leading Workplace Safety and Health Learning Institution in Asia that develops and transforms WSH Professionals.

Its Mission Statement claims

1. To establish standards for competencies and practices for WSH Professionals.

2. To identify new professional skills for improvement.

3. To uphold the high standards of professional practices and develop value-creating WSH Professionals to meet industry expectations and align with global developments and innovations.

4. To promote and cultivate individual with positive WSH attributes and ownership.

5. To transform the WSH profession.

SISO Academy's Objectives are

1. To help WSH Professionals to continue building up their skills, knowledge and attributes to stay employable and productive beyond their basic qualifications through a systematic lifelong learning journey.

2. To promote and cultivate positive TWSH within the organisations.

3. To develop new professional skills to improve effectiveness while maintaining up-to-date technical competency.

4. To develop ‘bite-size’ modular workplace learning rather than academic qualifications for WSH professionals.

5. To cultivate affiliation and cooperation with other international Occupational Safety and Health accreditation bodies/organisations and gain recognition for Singapore WSH Professionals.

6. To provide a one-stop TWSH solutions for organisations.

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