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SPC Process Safety Engineer/Manager Jurong Island Oil Gas

Singapore Petroleum Company Limited is looking to hire Process Safety Engineer or Process Safety Manager

You can write in to Singapore Petroleum Company directly

Please write in with a full resume, present and expected salary, contact telephone number(s) and any other relevant information to:

The safety job advertised states


• Independently carry out, develop HSE plan, design safety philosophy for all process related and protection systems

• Participate and conduct HAZOP, QR and RCA

• Lead and participate in all Safety Audits

• Responsible for close up action for all Safety case IP and RP items

• Provide Health and Environmental advice and include all Risk Assessment

• Close up all action plans, Incident and inspection findings

• Liaise closely with all Government Agencies such as CPS, MHD, NEA, SCDF

• Conduct regular drills and exercise

• Ensure all documents are properly maintained


• Degree in Chemical Engineering or relevant degree

• Registered Workplace Health and Safety Officer & Fire Safety Manager

• At least 8 to 10 years of working experience in the oil and Gas industry

• Have good understanding in HSE Engineering in the Oil and Gas industry particularly in process Safety/Technical Safety

• Possess good knowledge of Oil and Gas Process Facilities

• Team Player with leadership potential and have pro-active discipline communication

• Familiar with all HSE and regulatory requirements

• Exceptional problem solving skills

• Able to work independently with minimal supervision

• Able to work and travel within all terminals in Singapore

We strongly feel that there will always be a space for good safety candidates in the market.

What does it mean to be good?

It would mean correctly qualified and experienced, with the right credentials to assist the company. It would also mean candidates with the right mindset and attitudes. It would also mean the ability to lead and communicate well amongst teams, amongst co-workers and amongst contractors.

As a safety professional you should keep abreast of new changes and new requirements. You should also upgrade yourself not just within the realm of workplace safety and health but with the new changes in technology and the wider industry.

While you as a professional may not require these courses, you can motivate your newer staff to attend these to get better understanding

Companies can also send their staff for courses with us

Whether it is the Apply Workplace Safety Health in Process Plants (Safety Orientation Course Oil Petrochemical)

AWSHPP Course Outline for the WDA WSQ Apply Workplace Safety Health in Process Plants (AWSHPP ) are:

  • AWSHPP Identify the roles and responsibilities of an employee under WSH act

  • AWSHPP Identify and prevent fire and explosion hazards at workplace

  • AWSHPP Comply safe work practices and control measures for material handling

  • AWSHPP Comply safety work practices and control measures for mechanical and electrical works

  • AWSHPP Comply safe work practices and control measures when working on Specialized Operations

  • AWSHPP Comply safe work practices and control measures when working at heights

  • AWSHPP Comply safe work practices and control measures when working in a confined space

or the Perform Work in Confined Space Operations (Safety Orientation Course Manhole)

for the SSG WSQ Perform Work in Confined Space Operation are

  • PWICSO Identify duties and responsibilities of all personnel involved in confined space work under the WSH Legislations and Code of Practice.

  • PWICSO Identify confined space hazards

  • PWICSO Use Gas Detection Instruments for atmospheric monitoring

  • PWICSO Comply with Permit-to-Work system and safe work procedures when working in confined space

  • PWICSO Participate in an Emergency for confined space

Or for the Safety Professionals, the NEBOSH IGC qualifications

Let us know how we can assist you in your safety training.

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