What do Safety Consultants Do?

What does a Safety Consultant do?

You call a Safety Consultant company and what is it that the will do for you?

In Singapore there are a number of Safety Consultant companies or Safety Consultancy's.

By right the Safety Consultant or Safety Consultancy should be a professional agency to help your company solve its issues. The main tasks should be keeping your employees safe by assessing and eliminating workplace safety health hazards and to help business work towards (and beyond) compliance to local Ministry of Manpower regulations.

Although in Singapore most of these Safety Consultants or Safety Consultancy's either do the following activities

- Provide Safety Officers (Workplace Safety Health Officers)

- Provide Safety Coordinators (Workplace Safety Health Coordinators)

- Provide Inspection services

- Provide Fire Safety Managers

- Provide Confined Space Safety Assessors

- Provide BizSafe Consultancy

- Provide Bizsafe Audits

- Provide Risk Management Services

- Provide Risk Management Auditing and Inspections

Typically they too outsource their work to freelancers.

At Simply Safety we support our clients. Companies from all industries come to Simply Safety Pte Ltd in all stages of their safety journey. From Training to Design to Inspection to Reviews.

Why should you hire a third-party Safety Consultant like Simply Safety?

Ministry of Manpower regulations are intricate and complex rules that can be overwhelming for one person to understand and be responsible for. There are always new rules and regulations to stay on top of and potential changes to keep an eye on. Whether you are a business owner, member of management with some safety responsibilities, or even a safety officer, you can always ask for help!

When we work with the hundreds of clients from different industries and specialties, we learn and grow and that knowledge can be used for your company. Our breadth of experience and exposure to numerous potential hazards means your situation is probably something we’ve already seen and can immediately help with!

We dont just do mandatory training like the Apply Workplace Safety Health in Process Plant or Perform Work in Confined Space Operations or the NEBOSH international courses.

We also do a lot of bespoke training, we design training for trainers, we carry out Needs Analysis as well as design programs for management and C-suite.

We help to create a proactive safety culture for your company. We have the tools and experience to motivate, train, and engage your employees so that safety is taken seriously by all.

We’d love to partner with you along your safety journey so email us

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