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Which NEBOSH Course is the best?

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

"Which NEBOSH Course is the best?"

These are some of the common questions that students ask. If you do a search on NEBOSH on google you will get the following suggestions.

Which NEBOSH Course is the best?

What does NEBOSH mean?

What is the equivalent to NEBOSH?

What is NEBOSH salary?

How many levels does NEBOSH have?

We get it, students are interested in finding out more about NEBOSH and the NEBOSH qualifications.

But we do have some advice and we hope that it helps all students not just the students looking to do NEBOSH qualifications.

First- understand what is it that you really want to do. Don't just follow others or take up qualifications that others have. Are you in the Workplace Safety Health line? Are you looking to get in the the Safety and Health profession? Is worker well-being or workplace safety and health your passion or desired career path?

Also consider if you were are you looking to work. If your own country has qualifications in Safety and Health. Why is this important? Employers generally look at people who can meet their industry requirements at the very basic.

For example- if an employer is looking for someone with a local driving license, even if you have an F1 Drivers credential but lack the local driving license- they won't even call you in for an interview.

Employers are not there to help you achieve your dreams or provide you financial freedom- they hire people because they (the Employers) have a need to fulfill.

So meet the basic local requirements. Anything else is a good to have or something to help you stand apart from the competition whether it is NEBOSH qualifications, IOSH memberships, BCSP credentials like the ASP or CSP. Meet the basic requirements first!

Which NEBOSH qualification is the best? Seriously it all depends on you and what you want to do. You may have a passion for risk management or environmental issues. Or you just want to do a basic qualification.

Rather than searching on line or through forums for answers- you should visit the NEBOSH website and read through their qualifications from the Award Levels to Certificate Level to Diploma Level and see what is it that suits you.

That will answer your questions what is NEBOSH (National Examination Board Occupational Safety Health UK) and also answer your questions on levels too.

Asking about salaries. It all depends on you. Some people get better paydays than others. Some people are more easily content than others. Pay or salary is individual.

Wishing you the best!

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