Worker killed by falling I-Beam

In Singapore a worker was killed when an I-Beam toppled and struck his head. On 27 April 2022, the worker while working with a group of workers was repositioning I-beams in a workshop using an overhead travelling crane and a forklift. He was trying to attach the lifting clamp onto an I-beam, when the I-beam suddenly toppled and struck his head. The worker died at the scene.

The Workplace Safety Council WSHC came up with some recommendations

● There has to be an established and implemented Lifting Plan (LP) before the start of any lifting operations. The Lifting Plan should consider factors such as rigging method, load stability, and competency of lifting team members.

● There have to be developed and implemented Safe Work Procedures (SWP) for the repositioning of I-beams. Companies should also provide on-site supervision to ensure workers follow the SWP and LP.

● Load supports should be in place to eliminate any load toppling risk.

● Safe forklift operation: Forklift forks should not be used as a prop to prevent loads from falling. They should only be used to lift and carry pallets, upon which loads can be placed.

● Only allow competent and authorised forklift operators to operate forklifts. Companies should implement forklift key access control to prevent unauthorised use.

● Mark out the danger zone if the load can topple and instruct workers to keep out of the danger zone during lifting operations.

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