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Workplace Safety Learning Service Provider

Singapore Ministry of Manpower used to accredit companies who wished to be Approved Training Providers (ATP) and some courses had migrated over to WDA or SSG (Workforce Development Agency and Singapore Skillsfuture)

However now companies that wish to become training providers in Workplace Safety will need to consider applying to be WSH Learning Service Providers

In order to do so they must be certified to ISO 29993 as a Learning Service Provider in order to conduct the MOM-recognised courses.

ISO 29993 : 2017 certification will replace the MOM Accredited Training Provider (ATP) scheme.

The list of courses conducted by LSPs include:

Occupational First Aid Course

Workshop to Enhance the Safety of Crane Operation (WESCO)

Shipyard Safety Instruction Course for Workers (Painter Trade)

Safety Orientation Course (Tunnelling) for Workers

Shipyard Safety Instruction Course for Workers (Hot-Work Trade)

Commercial Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus (CSCUBA) Diver

Surface Supplied Diving Equipment (SSDE) Diver

Commercial Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus Diving Supervisor

Surface Supplied Diving Equipment Diving Supervisor

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