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Reminder on Resumption of Business Activities from 2 June


As announced by the Multi-Ministry Taskforce, we have exited the Circuit Breaker on 1 June 2020, and businesses are allowed to resume activities in a phased manner from 2 June 2020.


For businesses to check if your business may resume, please refer to


This is a reminder for business owners to check if your business is permitted to resume on-site operations, and to declare your manpower details using the “Permissions and Manpower Declaration” link at within 2 weeks of resuming operations if you are resuming.


Businesses are to provide the following details :

(i) the total number of employees/workers working on-site, and

(ii) the proportion of these employees/workers who are working part-time and/or shifts.

The portal is now available to receive your declaration.


Before you resume on-site operations, it is essential for your business to implement the Requirements for Safe Management at Workplaces found at, and comply with sector-specific advisories and requirements for your sector. 


These requirements are necessary for business activities to resume safety and to protect you and your employees. The key Safe Management Measures are:

  • Appoint Safe Management officer(s) to assist in implementation of Safe Management Measures.

  • All employees who can work from home must continue to do so.

  • Employees should only return to the workplace where it is demonstrably necessary, such as to access systems and equipment which cannot be accessed from home or to fulfil legal requirements.

  • Reduce physical interaction and ensure safe distancing.

  • Support contact tracing by using the SafeEntry system to log the check-in of employees and visitors. More information can be found at

  • Wear masks and observe good personal hygiene.

  •   Keep workplaces clean.

  •   Implement health checks and protocols to manage potential COVID-19 cases.


More information can be found at


You can also visit for a digital system

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