Safe Management Officer Course


Course Overview for Safe Management Officers

Safe Management Officer Course Learners will be able to understand:

  • And apply the legal requirements related to COVID-19 safe workplace

  • Identify and perform the roles and responsibilities of an appointed Safe Management Officer (SMO)

  • The Safe Management Measures requirements

  • Coordinating the implementation of SMM Plan at workplaces

  • Monitor and review the Safe Measures at the workplace

Safe Management Officer Course Outline

  • Introduction to Covid-19.

  • Legal Requirements on Safe Management Measures.

  • General vs Sector Specific Requirements

  • Sources of Information

  • Roles and responsibilities of appointed Safe Management Officer (SMO) & Safe Distance Officers (SDO)

  • Developing Safe Management Plan and Monitoring Plan

  • Steps to implement effective Safe Management Measures

  • Monitoring SMM and Inspection (Checklists)

  • Use of Technology

  • Run down on Annex C Checklist of Safe Management Measures Required at the workplace for resumption of business activities

  • Penalties


Delivery, Duration and Fees

  • This will be delivered via e-learning, access will be anytime/any day.

  • Over 2 hour of training

  • $55 per participant.

Course Completion

Participants will need to go through all modules. E-Certificate will be awarded after successful course completion.

Target Audience

  • Management Representations who will be appointed as Safe Management Officer (SMO), WSH Professionals (Safety Managers/WSH Officers/ WSH Coordinators), Safe Distancing Officers (SDO)s, Self-employed persons and representatives or any person who is interested to perform Safe Management Measures in their workplaces.

All industries such as Construction( You can attend Awareness Courses but your Safe Management Officer needs to attend a online BCA training), Shipyard, Manufacturing, Oil Petrochemical and other businesses such as F&B establishments, Retail establishments, Shopping malls Department stores, and standalone stores.


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