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Our Promise to you is very simple.


We will strive to provide you the best training possible in order to add value to you as an individual and as an organisation 

Whether you are a young student starting out, an experienced professional, an international organisation or a small enterprise- we want to value add to you

For these challenging times we encourage you to use SafeManagementMeasures to digitalise your workflow

You can also register for free at the www.safemanagementmeasures.com for all your digitalisation of safe management checklists, forms, appointment letters etc.

You can link directly to these courses

Safe Management Measures Awareness



Simply Safety is an accredited Training Organisation under SSG/WDA for

- Apply Workplace Safety Health in Process Plants AWSHPP,

- Perform Work in Confined Space Operations PWICSO,

- Supervise Workplace Safety Health in Process Plants SWSHPP,

- Supervise Work in Confined Space Operations SWICSO

Simply Safety also delivers

Safe Management Officer and Safe Management Measures Awareness

Safe Management Measures or Safe-Management-Measures

All businesses must develop Safe-Management-Measures, must appoint Safe-Management-Officers, must implement Safe-Management-Measures for their business. The Safe-Management-Measures must be in place before companies start operation.

Singapore has implemented the Circuit Breaker from 7 April. This meant ONLY ESSENTIAL Businesses were allowed to operate and with restrictions or safe-management-measures in place. As Singapore enters a stage were it is exiting the Circuit Breaker, it will do so cautiously and progressively, with certain businesses only allowed to resume also with Safe Management Measures in place. 

Under the COVID-19 (Temporary Measures) Act, failure to comply with Safe-Management-Measures will be fined up to $10,000 or jailed up to 6 months, or both. Repeated non-compliance will be fined up to $20,000 or jailed up to 12 months, or both. 

Post Circuit Breaker Restart- Understanding Safe Management Measures

Simply Safety is doing the Safe-Management-Measures Awareness Course  and the Safe-Management-Officer Course. These Safe-Management courses are applicable to all industries but if you are in construction you must go for the BCA Safe-Management-Officer course

Safe Management Measures Awareness Course Overview

Learners will be able to understand:

  • The needs and objectives behind Safe Management Measures and the various requirements to be implemented for general workplace settings

  • Legal Requirements based on MOH, MTI, MOH, NEA and MOM

  • The roles and responsibilities of Safe Management Officer(s) (SMO) in implementing a Safe Management Measures Programme at workplaces.

  • The Government’s requirements for workplaces to implement upon resumption of economic activities after the Circuit Breaker period.

Safe Management Measures Awareness Course Outline

  • Needs and objectives behind Safe Management Measures

  • Purpose of the Safe Management Measures

  • Safe Management Officer(s)

  • The Government’s requirements for workplaces to implement upon resumption of economic activities Post Circuit Breaker Period.

  • Run down on Annex C Checklist of Safe Management Measures Required at the workplace for resumption of business activities

  • Penalties

Delivery, Duration and Fees of the Safe Management Measures Awareness Course 

  • This will be delivered via e-learning, access will be anytime/any day.

  • Over 1 hour of video walk-through

  • $35 per participant.

Course Completion

Participants will need to go through all modules. E-Certificate will be awarded after successful course completion.

Target Audience

  • Directors, Office Managers

  • WSH Professionals, WSH Officers, WSH Coordinators

  • Safe Management Officer, Safe Management Officers, Safe Distance Officers

  • Personnel who are keen to be prepared for and have the knowledge and understanding of Safe Management Measures that are required to be implemented across all workplaces post Circuit Breaker

Find out more at Safe Management Measures

Tool are also available for companies and businesses such as - www.safemanagementmeasures.com

A reminder on Straits Times about importance of Safe Management Measures


Information from ESG Entreprise Singapore on Safe Management Measures and Safe Distances


Reminder on Safe Management Measures required by companies after circuit breaker by Singapore Government


Important information from GO BUSINESS COVID about Safe Management Measures, restarting and more


Important FAQ from Ministry of Manpower Website on Safe Management Measures



Information found on SCAL Singapore Contractors Association Limited on Safe Management Measures


Information found on EDB Singapore on supporting you or businesses for COVID-19


For all our students and customers, we care about your safety and health. For this period we have implemented the following Safe Management Measures to protect our staff, students and neighbours from exposure to COVID-19 or COVID-19 Delta Variant. 

There is no entry for any walk-ins or visitors. All class bookings must be made in advance. As part of our Safe Management Measures, students coming in must have their temperatures taken by the staff or trainer and must complete a Health Declaration Form to be shown to the staff or trainer before using the Safe Entry to check in. Safe Entry check-in can be through the Safe Entry app or by the Safe Entry Token. Students must leave their blue-tooth on for the duration of the class or carry their token with them for the duration of the class. 
We will be taking names, phone numbers and email addresses for contact tracing as well for our safe management measures

Another Safe management measures is that sitting is fixed. Once students are allocated their seats, they must not change their seats.

Students are to remain at least 1 m apart from each other.

As part our our safe management measures- masks must remain on for the duration of the class.

There are sanitisers available for use.

After the class the staff or trainer shall clean and sanitize the chairs and other common areas. 

Please comply to our safe management measures. Please ask your staff to comply to our safe management measures. 

We reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone that does not comply to our safe management measures

We reserve the right to remove anyone that does not comply to our safe management measures. 

We all need to work together to overcome COVID-19 or the variants. 

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